The First One

So finally here we are.

Our first blog post, celebrating getting our website and blog functional and basically opening our service to the public for the first time. Ethereum is going through incredible growth period now (which will without a doubt crash soon, so beware) and our mining service is more economically sound than ever before.

Who are we actually? Our core team consists of several seasoned industry veterans from corporate IT and an expert in the field of energetics. This whole venture started more than a year ago when our founder began crypto hosting for several of his friends, right in his Prague flat.
The homegrown hosting operation kept getting larger and larger and eventually it overloaded the local energy grid and proved with a certainty that home crypto hosting scale has its hard limits.

We got our guys together and after bit of brainstorming decided that it might be time to take the whole operation up a notch.  After searching for a while we found our first place to host – it was reachable, had enough space to grow our operation and the energy they provided was renewable. The whole place is powered up by bio-gas from local farm animals.

While the stench at the facility is truly incredible, the money the rigs are mining doesn’t stink at all surprisingly. The facility fits our current requirements and has a capacity of about 200 stations hosted. After reaching this limit, we will most likely add more similar facilities as needed for now.

Invictus – over and out.

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