No one expected this coming, but it’s here. ASUS just now came out with this amazing mining motherboard – B250 MINING EXPERT.

With 19 slots its THE most powerful motherboard for mining ever (as of now, we can be sure the other manufacturers won’t leave it like this).

With standard configuration (using for example pretty standard ASUS STRIX 1070 in all PCIe slots) you would have 570 MH/s of hashing power in one machine with lower initial cost because of only one processor, one set of RAM etc.

By using for example the new platinum 2400 W PSU which we are using right now in our hosting we can have only 1 PSU to power all the cards and one smaller (500W) to power risers and mobo. (Based on configuration of the server we recommend to calculate the PSU real performance and real GPU power consumption. For example full ASUS STRIX 1070 * 19 will be tight on one 2400 W PSU, but 1060* 19 should be fine.)

This is amazing news for anyone who wants to pack more mining power into a single machine with single control and operating system.

Right now, ASUS seems like the top HW manufacturer for the mining supplies. Came out with a specialized mining card few months ago and now with this motherboard they are pushing the limits even more.

We will have soon the motherboard physically available for a test so we will publish some guidance on how to make it run, including comments and real mining experience.

Key Features

Triple-ATX12V Power Delivery

PCIe Slot State Detection

Mining Mode BIOS Optimization

Voltage-stabilization Capacitors

Unique Efficiency

Money Saving

Higher Hash Rate

Better ROI

Here are some more photos of the beast:

The only left to say is “Nice work”. ASUS really did what no one expected (well, we expected them to come up with “something” but not this) and gave us nice surprise.

Looking forward to testing and more positive news all around.

You can discuss this motherboar here :

Invictus Mining Team

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  1. What CPU did you guys use on this? I’m thinking of doing a Celeron, but If i need the I7 for all the GPUs then I’ll do that instead.

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